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Welcome to my journey. Follow the highs, the lows and everything in between.

Hi and welcome to my sober blog

My name is Carmela, I’m an event manager and founder of Totiuss. I live in Essex with my husband, son, 3 cats, seven chickens and a duck! I am so pleased you have found my sobriety page.

I have worked for many years as an event manager and used to be the classic party girl. With no drinking off switch. My journey to a alcohol free life hasn’t been an easy one, for the most it had been a very lonely journey. That’s until I discovered like minded people on the same journey as me. That’s when the game changed! This blog is to help anyone who is thinking about going alcohol free to feel less alone and hopefully find some tools to start their journey into a happier, healthier, more free life.

You can also on Instagram if you want to connect.