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If I want to label myself – I will let you know

We live in a society that loves a label.  Gay, Straight, Married, Single, Male, Female, Smoker, Non-Smoker.  Alcoholic.

Whilst labels can help people feel like they belong. Labels can also alienate people, scare people, and feel like they don’t fit in.

When I was sober curious, I knew that my relationship wasn’t great but was I am ‘alcoholic?’

Alcoholic.  It is a label that is embraced by many and embracing the label helps them to take control of the problem they have with alcohol, gives them help, community and a place to put themselves, acceptance.

But what about if that label does not feel right for you?

What if you feel that your drinking habits are not ‘extreme’ enough to be labeled an alcoholic?

What if, like me, you do not like labels, do not WANT to be labeled. What if, instead you want to change your relationship with alcohol but still feel like you belong?

Do you need to be labeled an alcoholic to want to live alcohol free?


But you may feel like you need help, like you want support and that you are not alone.

Do not let labels put you off addressing anything that doesn’t feel right TO YOU.  There are so many people on the same path as you, they have ups and downs, highs and lows, questions and answers to everything you could want to know to help you along you journey.  Don’t let fear or stigma put you off making the right decision for your health and happiness.

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